Austin 10 Spares



AAS9090All models“Unleaded Type” Red Fuel Pump Diaphragm£19.00
AAS9292All models“Unleaded Type” Blue Fuel Pump Top Sealing Washer£3.50
AAS9293All models"Unleaded Type" Red Type Glass Top Sealing Washer£3.50
AAS6600All modelsFuel Pump Gasket£1.10
CARB1All modelsCarburetttor Gasket£1.00
AASZRK261936-1939Carburettor Repair Kit 30VM£58.95
AAS06605/1101933-1936Carburettor 26VA Main Jet£8.70
AAS06620/801933-1936Carburettor 26VA Comp Jet£8.20
AASZRK481933-1936Carburettor Repair Kit 26VA£51.92
AAS06100All modelsZenith Bango Bolt£8.50
AAS06098All modelsZenith Bango Bolt Gauze Filter£1.20
AAS06101All modelsBango Bolt Fibre Washer£0.12
AASGP6All modelsGasket Pack£3.55
AAS014057All modelsThrottle Spindle£18.50
AAS7mmAll models7mm Spindle Bush£2.30 each
AAS07340All modelsThrottle Disc£11.25
AAS10011932-1934Petrol Cap "Chrome"£25.00
AAS103All Models
Fuel tank sender gasket
AASCA1026BVariousGlass Fuel Filter Bowl Left Inlet/Right Outlet (No Fittings)£21.50
AASCA1026AVariousGlass Fuel Filter Bowl Right Inlet/Left Outlet (5/16" Fittings)£38.00
AAS985VariousSmall In-Line Glass Fuel Filter 6mm push on ends£7.80
AAS985AVariousSmall In-Line Glass Fuel Filter 8mm push on ends£9.00
AAS985FVariousSmall In-Line Glass Fuel Filter Replacement Filter Kit£4.95
AAS869.13Austin 7Austin 7 Fuel Filler Grommet£8.25
AAS08898All ModelsNew plastic stay up float VA/VM/VIG.£19.95
AAS0987All ModelsCarburettor Banjo£7.95
AAS437All ModelsEqual Ended Union 1/4 BSP For 1/4 Pipe£8.25
AASCA118All ModelsCompression Nut Solderless Fittings 1/4BSP x 5/16" Pipe£2.25
AASCA117All ModelsCompression Nut Solderless Fittings 1/4BSP x 1/4" Pipe£2.25
AASCOP01All ModelsCopper Pipe (Per Metre) 1/8"£3.95
AASCOP02All ModelsCopper Pipe (Per Metre) 1/4"£4.25
AASCOP03All ModelsCopper Pipe (Per Metre) 5/16"£4.30


AA570/13451932-1938Head Gasket (Round Hole) new£100.00
1971939-1946Head Gasket (Oval Holes)£70.00
M27191932-1946Manifold Gasket Inlet/Exhaust£9.00
M38251939-Triangular Downpipe Gasket£4.50
36SQ11932-1938Square Exhaust Downpipe Gasket 36.5 x 41.5£4.50
61111932-1939Valve Chest Seal 33” Rubber£3.00
VA5701932-1938Single Head Gasket£100.00
CA570/CA13451932-1938Head Set Gaskets£120.00
CA1971939-1946Head Set Gaskets£80.00
CS13451932-1938Sump Set Gaskets£28.00
AAS6600All modelsPetrol Pump Gasket£1.10
HB9All modelsOil Pump£1.05
62571932-1939Sump Gasket£7.00
78261932-1939Oil Strainer Gasket 6 Holes£2.00
5563All modelsOil Filler Tube Gasket 34 x 51£1.20
5711All modelsTiming Front Cover Gasket£2.00
2K6609All modelsFelt Crankshaft Front Oil Seal£2.00
5562All modelsFlywheel Housing Gasket (Horseshoe)£2.00
5712All modelsCrankcase Rear Cover Gasket (Round) 9 Holes£1.75
IF261932-1938Rear Sump Felt Strip£2.00
5561/IF116All modelsWater Elbow Gasket£1.35
SWP1All modelsSump Plug Washer£0.15
CARB1All modelsCarburettor Gasket£1.10
EX00011932-39Exhaust Downpipe Gasket (4 Stud)£4.50
EX00021939-46Exhaust Downpipe Gasket (3 Stud)£4.50


3/8" x 3" B.S.F1932-1939Short Head Studs£4.35
3/8" x 3 1/2 " B.S.F1932-1939Long Head Studs£4.40
3/8" B.S.F1932-1945Head Nuts£0.45
3/8"1932-1945Head Washers£0.15
AUSM1 1932-1936Sidedraught Manifold Stud Kit£9.00
AASSB0021932-1939Sump Bolts Large Head 1/4" BSF£1.50
AASSB0031932-1939Sump Bolts Large Head 1/4" BSW£1.50
AASSBW011932-1939Oval Sump Bolt Washers£0.40
AUSM21936-1939Downdraught Manifold Stud Kit£12.00
AUSBEB11932-1938Big End Bolts x 8 (set)£30.00
AUSLEB1932-1938Little End Bolts (set of 4)£8.80
AUSD11932-1939Downpipe Stud Kit 1/4” B.S.F (set of four)£4.80
AUSLOC11932-1939Full Engine Locktab Kit£24.00
AUSBE11932-1939Big End Locktab x 4 (each)£1.00
AUSMB11932-1939Main Bearing Locktab x 3 (each)£1.25
AUSLE11932-1939Little End Locktab x 4 (each)£0.35
AUSCAM11932-1939Camshaft Locktab£2.60
AUSFLY11932-1939Flywheel/Crankshaft Rear Locktab£7.50
1932-1939Crankshaft Front Pulley Locktab£2.65
AUSENG11932-1938Front Engine Mounting Locktabs x 2 (each)£2.65
AUSFLY21932-1938Rear Aluminium flywheel housing Locktabs x 4£2.50
AUSCRA21932-1938Rear Crankcase Cover Locktabs x 5£2.45


Exhaust/Inlet Valve (Exhaust Quality) Pin Type 1 3/16" HeadOUT OF STOCK
IG6241932-1938Exhaust/Inlet Valve (Exhaust Quality) Collet Type 1 3/16" HeadOUT OF STOCK
1939Exhaust Valve 1 1/8" Head£12.00
1939Inlet Valve 1 1/8" Head£10.50
16511932-1938Collets "Pair"£2.60
PIN0011932-1938Valve Pins "Each"£0.40
PIN0081932-1938Valve Pins "Set Of Eight"£3.20
IF9 "Hard"1932-1938Exhaust Valve "English Made Hardened" Pin Type Non Magnetic£26.00
IG624 "Hard"1932-1938Exhaust Valve "English Made Hardened" Collet Type Non Magnetic£26.00
2K64591932-1938Valve Springs "Each"£2.75
2K6459x81932-1938Valve Springs "Set Of Eight"£32.00
1939-46GS1 Exhaust Valve guides£30.00
1939-1946GS1 Inlet Valve guides£30.00
IF121932-1938Valve Guides "Set Of Eight"£32.00
IA671932-1938Tappet Adjusting Bolt (1 1/8”) Length£2.45
61111932-1938Valve Chest Seal (33” Length) Rubber£3.00


AASIG531932-1933Early Downpipe£52.00
AAS32MM1932-1939Exhaust Clamp 32mm£1.10
AAS36MM1932-1939Exhaust Clamp 36mm£1.20
36SQ11932-1939Downpipe Gasket£4.50
Complete Exhaust System inc Clamps
1932-1933Complete Stainless System (made to orderO£250.00
Complete Exhaust System inc Clamps
AASIG4901936-1939Downpipe Cambridge£55.00
AASIG81936-1939Silencer (Cambridge)£70.00
AASIG4851936-1939Tailpipe (Cambridge)£34.00
Complete Exhaust System inc Clamps£175.00
AASIG8801939-1947Downpipe (G.S.I) 3 Bolt Flange£46.50
AASIG81939-1947Silencer (G.S.I)£75.00
AASIG4851939-1947Tailpipe (G.S.I)£32.00
Complete Exhaust System inc Clamps£150.00
M38251939-1947Downpipe Gasket 3 Bolt Flange£4.50
Downpipe Gasket 4 Bolt Flange
AASSTUD1932-1939Downpipe 1/4” BSF Stud (each)£1.20
AUSM11932-1936Sidedraught Manifold Stud Kit£12.00
AUSM21936-1939Downdraught Manifold Stud Kit£12.00
AUS1516All Models5/16" BSF Brass Manifold Nuts£1.20
AUS114All Models1/4" BSF Brass Manifold Nuts£1.10


AUS1/AT/31932-1936Clutch Linings inc Rivets 1/AT/3£34.00stores10
AUS12/TR/11936-1938Clutch Linings inc Rivets (Borg & Beck) 12/TR/1£34.00stores2
AUS6/NB/11936-1938Clutch Linings inc Rivets (Newton Bennett) 6/NB/1£32.00stores2
AUSHIM31932-1938Toggle Lever Shim 3 Thou£1.25
AUSHIM121932-1938Toggle Lever Shim 12 Thou£1.30
AUSPRING11932-1938Toggle Lever Springs (3 per car)£3.60
AUSPRING21934-1939Clutch Bearing Carbon Type Return Spring x 2£5.60
AUSCAR11934-1939Clutch Carbon Release Bearing£35.00
AUSFLY0031932-1939Flywheel Centre Bearing MJ 1/2ӣ16.75
AUSPRING21932-1938Clutch Cover Springs Strong (12 Off) set£30.00
AUSLOC021932-1938Clutch Toggle Lever Lockwashers x 3£0.66 each
AUSLOC031932-1939Clutch Cover Bolt Lockwahers£0.25 each
AUSBEAR011932-1935Clutch Realease Bearing (Early) New£170.00
AUSCENT011932-1936Steel Centre Plate£32.0022
AUSTOG11932-1939Toggle Lever (Exchange)£12.00 each
AASFLY011932-1939Flywheel lock plate£6.00
1932-1936Clutch cover pressure spring 12 per car 


AUSCHAIN54L1932-1939Timing Chain Link£1.10
SUMP0011932-1939Brass Sump Plug£8.00
SWP11932-1939Sump Plug Washer£0.12
AUSOIL11932-1938Oil Filler Cap (Brass)£30.00
AUSOIL1B1932-1938Oil Filler Cap (Brass) Engraved with original logos£40.00
AUS2077F1932-1936Front Engine Mounting 1” x 1 (each)£8.50
AUS2077R1932-1936Rear Engine Mounting 1” x 2 off (each)£8.50
AUSCAM011936-1939Front Cambridge Engine Mounting (each)£35.00
AUSCAM021936-1939Rear Cambridge Engine Mounting/Gearbox£40.00
AUSOIL21932-1939Oil Pressure Ball£2.00
AUSOIL31932-1939Oil Pressure Spring£2.00
FLY0011932-1934Flywheel Ring Gear 1/2” wide£100.00
FLY0021934-1938Flywheel Ring Gear 9/16” wide £100.00
FLY0031939-1946Flywheel ring gear GS1 £100.00
AS99FEarlyNew Flywheel Ring Gear£120.00
AUSDYN011933-1936Dynamo Top Aluminium Cradle£40.00
AUSDYN021933-1936Dynamo Bottom Aluminium Cradle£75.00
AUSPIPE1932-1939Oil Pipe 1/8" Per Metre£3.95
AUSPIPEa1932-1939Oil Pipe 1/8" End Fitting 1/8"BSP£3.95
AUSPIPEb1932-1939Solder Type Nut/Nipple 1/8"BSP£3.25
Flywheel Bearing MJ 1/2£16.75
PISTONS1932-1939 Pistons STD,+20,+30,+40,+60£POA
AUSPUL011932-1934Crankshaft Front Pulley Wheel (Early Models) Solid Pulley£95.00
AUSPUL021936-1939Crankshaft Front Pulley Wheel (Late Models) with holes£95.00
AASE20771932-1935Engine Mounting Silentbloc Bush E2077 3 per engine£8.50
AASIG6251936-1939Front Engine Mountings (Cambridge) IG625 x 2£35.00 each
AAS14BSF1932-1939Sump Bolts 1/4” BSF£1.50
AAS14OSBW 1932-1939Oval Sump Bolt Washer 1/4 BSF£0.45
AAS14BSW1932-1939Sump Bolts 1/4" BSW£1.50
AASPRSTD0011932-1939Piston Rings STD,+20,+30,+40,+60 (4 Ring Sets)£Enquire
AAS54T1932-1947Timing Chain 54 Links£24.00
AUSChain54L1932-1939Timing Chain Link£1.10


AUSFAN11932-1938Aluminium Fan Blade£45.00
AUSELB11932-1936Aluminium Water Elbow (Tapped)£85.00
AUSELB21936-1939Aluminium Water Elbow (Cambridge)£80.00
5561/IF1161932-1938Water Elbow Gasket£1.35
AUSELB31932-1938Water Elbow Bolts x 3 (£2.50 each)£7.50
AUSRAD11933-1935Chrome Radiator Cap
AUSRAD21936-1939Brass Radiator Cap (Cambridge/Lichfield)£18.00
AUSTAP11932-1936Water Elbow Tap (Straight)£19.00
AUSTAP21932-1936Water Elbow Tap (Curved)£21.00
B421932-1939Fan Belt£15.95
AUSHOSE11932-1938538 Top Water Hose 10/4£31.95
AUSHOSE21939-1946181 Top Water Hose 10/4 GSI£23.00
AUSHOSE31932-1938Bottom Water Hose£7.50
AUSHOSE41939-1946Bottom Water Hose GSI£9.75
AUSCOR11932-19391” Cylinder Head Core Plug£1.00
AUSCOR21932-19381 5/8” Cylinder Block Core Plug£1.10
AUSHOSE31932-193855mm, 2" Hose Clips each£1.20
AUSRAD001All modelsRadiator overhaul serviceP.O.A

Fan Belts

AUSFB25Various ModelsB25£9.25
AUSFB26Various ModelsB26£9.25
AUSFB40Austin 8Fanbelt£15.00
AUSFB42Various ModelsB42 Austin 10/4 1932-1939£15.95
AUSFB43Various ModelsB43£16.00
AUSFB47Various ModelsB47£17.00


Gearbox 1st Motion Shaft Bearing£29.50
AUSBEAR021932-1939Gearbox 3rd Motion Shaft Bearing£29.50
AUSPRING31932-1939Selector Springs£1.20
AUSBAL011932-1939Selector Balls£0.80
AUSGASK011932-1939Gearbox Gasket Set£9.00
AUSLOC041932-1939Rear Pinion Locktab£1.00
AUSPEED011932-1934Speedo Cable (Early Type)£55.00
AUSPEED021935-1939Speedo Cable (Late Type)£55.00
AUSPROP011935-1939Propshaft Universal Joint£19.00
AUSPROP021932-1939Propshaft Bolts£1.95
AASGEAR11933-1934Rubber Gearbox Cover (New)£80.00
AASIG50411936-1939Gearbox Mounting (Cambridge)£35.00
AASGEAR21936-1939Cambridge Rubber Gearbox Cover "New"OUT OF STOCK


AASKP141932-1936King pin kit pin diam .749" With Holes through Pin£95.0020
AASKP14T1932-1936King pin top bush£12.0020
AASKP14B1932-1936King pin bottom bush£12.0020
AASKP14C1932-1936King pin cotter pin£4.7520
AASKPDN11932-1936King Pin Dome nut£4.5040
AASKPDN21932-1936King pin dome nut with grease Nipple£4.8040
AASKP18A1935-1936New Old Stock King Pin Kit£95.00
1932-1936King Pin Taper Cotter Pin 
AASKP181937-1947King Pin Kit (Cambridge & GSI)£65.002
AASKPTB5/81933-1935King Pin Thrust Bearing (5/8” x 1 13/32” x 5/8”)£28.004
AASKP1F50771932-1939Front Axle Bump Stop£30.00 pair40
AASRS1G5022New Rear Leaf Spring£195.00
AASFS1G50211932-1936Front Leaf Spring "New"£165.00
6207 Front Hub Inner Bearing LJ1-1/4 (1 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 11/16")£28.002
Front Hub Outer Bearing LJ3/4 (3/4" x 1 7/8 x 9/16")£25.002
AAS1G40191932-1939Front Hub Oil Seal 1"3/8 x 2"15/32 (leather)£12.0020
AASCWN01VariousChrome Open Wheel Nuts£5.00 each12
AASWNO011932-1939Brass Open Wheel Nuts£3.50 each200
AASWNC011932-1939Brass Closed Dome Top Wheel Nuts£3.75 each20
AAS2K3824All ModelsBrake Drum Screw (4 per car)£0.3240
AASAT1411932-1936Brake Return Springs for Austin Alloy Shoe 8 per car£3.25 each £25 Car Set160
AASAT/16/11932-1935Brake Linings (Alloy Shoe) inc Rivets AT/16/1£48.00 Car Set5
AASGG/8/1Cambridge ModelsBrake Linings & Rivets GG/8/1£49.00 Car Set5
AASGG/17/1G.S.1 ModelsBrake Linings & Rivets GG/17/1£49.00 Car Set5
AASIG50701932-1935Front Brake Cable (New)£32.00 each2
AASIG88751936-1937Front Brake Return Spring (Under Arm) on Hub (Offside)£4.7525
AASIG88761936-1937Front Brake Return Spring (Under Arm) on Hub (Nearside)£4.7525
AASIG52871934-1936Front Brake Cable Bowdenex Type (Lichfield/Sherbourne)£65.002
AASIG50131932-193910/4 Front Spring Shackle Pins (6 off)£5.75 each
AASIG50141932-193910/4 Shackle pin Nuts£1.75p
AAS82711932-1939Tab Washers for Shackle Pins0.50p
AASLOK11932-1936King Pin Top Lock Washer£1.80
AASGR121932-1935Thrust Bearing Dust Cover£7.50
AASIG41131936-1939Front girling rubber brake boot£9.00 each12
AASIG70851936-1939Rear gilring brake boot rubber£9.00 each
AAS635L1932-1936Brake Rod Yoke 1/4" BSF Left Hand Thread£7.952
AAS6351932-1936Brake Rod Yoke 1/4" BSF Right Hand Thread£7.952
AAS637LVariousBrake Rod Yoke 3/8" BSF Left Hand Thread£10.202
AAS637VariousBrake Rod Yoke 3/8" BSF Right Hand Thread£9.002
AAS634LVariousBrake Rod Yoke 3/16" BSF Left Hand Thread£7.802
AAS636LVariousBrake Rod Yoke 5/16" Left Hand Thread£9.252


Wooden Friction Disc 88mm x 38mm x 5mm£6.30 each
AAS8591932-1934Brass Rivet on Disc 90mm (3 Rivet Holes)£7.20
AAS9831932-1934Steel Rivet to secure Brass Disc to Steel Backing
(pack of 3)
AAS126031932-1934Dial Face Plate No: 502£10.50 each
AAS12603PB1932-1936Andre Hartford Dial face Type 502£10.50
AAS12658PB1932-1938Small Pointed Star Spring£12.70
AAS860PB1932-1936Centre Bolt 9/16" Diameter£12.85
AAS12656BPB1932-1936Centre Bush 9/16" Bore£3.60
AAS126111932-1936Andre Hartford Small Brass Disc 82mm Diameter£7.20 each
AAS126121932-1936Andre Hartford Wooden Friction Disc 80mm x 38mm x 5mm£6.30 each
AAS6991932-1936Andre Hartford Pointer Arrow£4.75
AAS126591932-1936Andre Hartford Locking Tab£4.75
AAS9831932-1936Rivet "Pack of Three"£1.20
AAS2981932-1936Dial Face£10.50
AAS1105PB1932-1936Shock Absorber Arm Silentbloc Bushes£12.95


All modelsPychley Roof Chrome Clamp 


AASIG70461932-1936Leather rear hub seal£12.00
AASIG71271936-1939Leather rear hub seal (cambridge)£12.00
AASC3591933-1936N.O.S Payen C359 Oil Seal£16.00
AASC3581936-1939N.O.S Payen C358 Oil Seal£16.00
AASIF7269All-modelsRear Bump Stop£24.00 pairStores
AAS7/LJ401932-1936Rear Hub Bearing 7/LJ40£195.00Please Ask Stock
AASSPRING021933-1934Chrome Radiator Rear Spring (Exchange)£165.00Stores
AASSPRING031934-1936Litchfield Rear Spring (Exchange)£165.00Stores
AASIG50141932-1939Rear Shackle Pins£7.50
AAS2K39871932-1939Shackle Pin Thin Nut£1.75
AAS2K82711932-1939Shackle Tab Washer£0.50
AASE20751932-1939Silentbloc Rear Axle Spring Bush E2075 1 5/16" x 1"£9.00Stores
AASIG55001932-1936Rear Axle “U” Bolts£7.50 each
AASIG50711932-1934Rear Brake Cable£35.00Stores


AASCWN01Various ModelsChrome Open Wheel Nuts£5.00 each
AAS889AAll ModelsOval Head Chrome Bumper Bolts 10HP (Cambridge & Lichfield)£6.95
AAS903AVarious ModelsDrain Hole Covers for Gutter drains "Chrome"£11.00
AAS904AVarious ModelsChrome Tear Drop Bonnet Vent Handles£6.50
AAS905A1932-1934Small Alluminium Script Badge£11.00
AAS906A1932-1934Chrome on Brass Script Badge£15.00
AAS907A1932-1934Large Alluminium Script Badge Austin 12,16,18etc£12.50
AAS908A1932-1934Script Badge Fixing Screws & Nuts x 2£6.00 pair
AAS909A1936-1939Cowled Front Chrome Script Badge, Cambridge, Lichfield, Sherbourne, Ascot etc£32.00
AAS910A1932-1934Front Bumper "A" Replica Badge£Enquire
AAS911A1932-1934Twin Blade Front Bumper End Bolts "Polished Stainless" x 2£Enquire
AAS912A1932-1934Twin Blade Front Bumper£Enquire
AAS913A1932-1934Rear Bumpers Twin Blade£Enquire
AAS914A1932-1934Rear Bumper Twin Blade Type, Outer End Bolts "Polished Stainless"£Enquire
AAS915A1932-1934Rear Bumper Twin Blade Type, Inner End Bolts "Polished Stainless"£Enquire
AAS916A1932-1934Chrome Radiator Models Chrome Bonnet Handle One Each Side£17.50 each
AAS931A1934-1936Austin Lichfield/Sherborne Single Flat Blade Bumper End Stops "Chrome Steel as Original"£8.00
AAS931B1934-1936Austin Lichfield/Sherborne Single Flat Blade Bumper End Stops "Polished Stainless Steel "£8.00
AAS903A1936-1938Austin Ascot 12/4, 12/6 "Ripaults" 4 Lobe Screw Down, 4 Bolt fixing Bonnet Catch£52.00 each


AAS917A1932-1934Replica Chrome Lucas Type 1130 Sidelights Chrome Medallian, Chrome Rim, Single or Twin Bulb Holder£155.00 pair
AAS918A1936-1939Replica Chrome Lucas Type 1130 Sidelights Red Medallian, Chrome Rim, Single or Twin Bulb Holder£155.00 pair
AAS1130M1933-19391130 Sidelight Indicator/Sidelight Conversion Kit Pair£35.50
AAS919A1932-1939Replacement Glass Lens for 1130 Light with Chrome Rim£12.95
AAS920A1932-1939Rubber "O" Ring For 1130 Lens Sold Individually£0.59 each
AAS921A1932-1939Chrome Lens Retaining Screw for 1130 Light£1.40 each
AAS922A1932-1939Rubber Washer For 1130 Light Between Lamp & Vehicle£1.00 each
AAS923A1932-1939Replacement Double Contact Bulb Holder For 1130 Type Lamp£15.00 each
AAS924A1932-1939Replacement Single Contact Bulb Holder For 1130 Type Lamp£12.00 each
AASHFK01VariousChrome Headlight Rim Securing Screw & Fitting£22.00 pair
AAS177D1932-1939D lamp Chrome rim, clip and seal repair kit£34.00
AAS767A1932-1939D lamp clear side lense£3.95
AAS925A1932-1939Replica Lucas Chrome Rear "D" Lamp ST51 Style Light, Split Glass Red Lens 3 3/4" Wide x 2 1/4" Deep£53.00 each
AAS926A1932-1939Replica Lucas Chrome Rear "D" Lamp ST51 Style Light, Full Glass Red Lens 3 3/4" Wide x 2 1/4" Deep£53.00 each
AAS927A1932-1939Replica Lucas Black Rear "D" Lamp ST51 Style Light, Full Glass Red Lens 3 3/4" Wide x 2 1/4" Deep£49.00 each
AAS776SPork Pie |Clear side lense£3.60
AAS928A1932-1939Replica Rear Lucas ST38 Black "Pork Pie" Type Light 3 5/8" Wide x 2 1/2" Deep£52.00 each
AAS929A1932-1939Replica Rear Lucas ST38 Chrome "Pork Pie" Type Light 3 5/8" Wide x 2 1/2" Deep£53.00 each
AAS929B1932-1939Replica Rear "Lucas" ST38 "Pork Pie" Black Light with Indicator Conversion£84.00 each
AAS929C1932-1939Replica Rear "Lucas" ST38 "Pork Pie" Chrome Light with Indicator Conversion£85.00 each
AAS930A1932-1939Replica Rear Lucas Style L549 Lamp For Rear Wing/Mudguard Fitting£29.00 each
AAS394AAll ModelsRear Reflector Narrow Chrome Rim/Flat Back Rubber£9.60 each
AAS179AAll ModelsRear Reflector on Mounting Bracket£10.25 each
AAS872AAll ModelsRear Reflector Heavy Chrome Rim/Flat Back Rubber£10.95 each
AAS442BAll ModelsFloor Mounted Headlight Dip Switch Various Models£18.00


AAS979All ModelsNew Pychley Roof Chrome Clamp£36.00
AAS980All ModelsPychley Sunroof Badge£5.00


AAS233VSVariousAustin Oval Mirror "Pillar Mounting"£53.00 each
AAS244WM1934-1936Door Hinge Mirrors "Chrome Rad & Lichfield Models"£65.00 each
AUSFB40Austin 8 Fanbelt£15.00
AAS122IMAll ModelsInterior Mirror Adjustable Stem£38.00 each


AAS448PBVarious ModelsChrome Bonnet Handle£17.50 each